Fortnite Starter Hero Pack Code Generator

Do you want the powerful 8 heroes in your list ? then you must need a fortnite starter hero pack code generator. This is developed by team which can generate your favorite code to use in xbox live marketplace or playstation. Just visit the generator by clicking on the button given below to get your hero pack code.

Epic games is not giving this downloadable content along with the standard edition. This is a gold time offer to grab code to own the content. Do not forget to share the generator with your friends and family too. Spending time on this program really worth.

Fortnite Starter Hero Pack Code


Now let’s learn how to get your starter pack. In order to claim your code first you need to launch on the live code generator. It will be opened in the next tab where choose your appropriate platform. As an example, assume you are a xbox one user, hence tick mark on the xbox one on the generator. Next you can see button named as ‘Retrieve Code’. Tap on it to get your code . Do not miss this limited opportunity


Codes are limited in hand and demand of starter hero pack is increasing day by day. You can have eight character as seen in the above image with the help of hero pack content. So gaming will be easy for you once you have this fortnite starter hero pack code.

Epic games currently offer this content for free with the deluxe edition but that cost whopping 60 dollars to own that edition. So people may move forward with purchasing standard edition to save their money. Do not forget to share the fortnite starter hero pack dlc with your friends and family too.Sharing is carrying. If you have any questions regarding hero pack tutorial, please message us.

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